Beginning Wednesday September 22nd we are required to follow the Mandatory provincial Vaccination Passport System.  In order to participate in in-studio classes, you will need to show proof of both COVID vaccinations along with a government issued I.D. one time only.  You can opt to upload both via your Acuity account, send a snapshot/file of both to or bring along with you in person, to your next class.

Please note: this is not optional, but required; exemptions can only be made for those with a medical note from a physician, nurse practitioner or registered nurse.



please take a few moments to read these important updates prior to proceeding to our schedule below
(trust us, it’s worth knowing)!

HYBRID SCHEDULE: In order to continue providing and holding a safe and nurturing space for you to practice, connect and recharge, we are happy to offer a Hybrid schedule,  which includes both VIRTUAL + IN STUDIO YOGA classes! 

BOOKING YOUR CLASSES:  Please choose your classes mindfully in order to clearly distinguish the type of class you want to book IE) in-studio vs virtual vs wait list. Only book with wait list if the in-studio class is full. Upon your confirmation email, if it reads wait list, you will be notified if/when there is a cancellation, and offered the spot. 

+  Prior to your first class, you must preregister online, and complete + initial our liability waiver.

+  Please pre-screen online prior to your class(es) via our COVID questionnaire and let us know, immediately if anything you previously answered, changes. 

+  And lastly, if you have any symptoms, have been in close contact with someone else who has recently tested positive for COVID, or if you have recently traveled outside of Ontario in the last 3 weeks, please stay home. Thank you.

REGISTER YOUR ACCOUNT:  Upon confirmation of booking your first class, watch for + click “REGISTER MY ACCOUNT”. If you do not register your account, you will have to fill out all of your personal information every time you want to book a class.  Once your account has been created, you will have a password to easily login whenever you would like to access your account/book classes.


Without your support, we would not and could not survive, so THANK YOU for your continued support and understanding during these very challenging times.

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