current class styles

vinyasa flow (hot or not)

‘Vinyasa’ = linking breath and movement. In all of our vinyasa classes we focus on balance, power, flow, flexibility + alignment within the fundamentals of yoga. Discover a deeper union of body | mind | breath, while strengthening your metabolism, circulation and cardio. Be prepared to leave this class feeling lighter, stronger and recharged. Experience years of stress melt away and cleanse your body of toxins as you stretch, tone and strengthen.

*Hot Vinyasa Flow is known for it’s detoxification benefits and rejuvenation of the skin. The heat allows your muscles and joints to ease into full range of motion; while you are encouraged to always respect and honor your unique limitations. Our Hot Vinyasa Flow classes are heated to 98 +/- degrees.

hot power flow

Similar to our Hot Vinyasa Flow, our Hot Power Flow is a  powerful, energetic, and playful flowing class. Detox, stretch, strengthen, DE-stress and improve your metabolism and flexibility all in one class guaranteed to  leave you feeling rejuvenated and empowered. Following a vigorous sequence, you will be rewarded with stretching areas of the body that hold knots and tension. Like our Hot Vinyasa Flow, this class has a strong emphasis on breath and allows beginners, intermediate and advanced students to be challenged in the same class.  Please arrive well hydrated; and feel free to refill at our water station when needed. Drop ins, members, and class card holders are welcome.

gentle hatha

Gentle Hatha is perfect class for new yogis who want to learn the fundamental poses in yoga, and/or seasoned yogis who are craving a more traditional and/or gentle practice. In our Hatha classes, we move in and out of poses (asanas) mindfully, with detailed focus on safe alignment and breath (pranayama) while honoring your own individual needs, level of experience and personal limitations. Hatha yoga will allow you to develop ease, comfort, strength, mindfulness and flexibility over time in both mind and body. Gentle Hatha is recommended for all levels, including beginners!

somatic yoga

Somatic yoga blends somatic movement with traditional yoga, prioritizing internal awareness and mindful motion. Through gentle, deliberate movements, practitioners release chronic tension and retrain muscles to relax. By syncing breath with movement, it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, inducing relaxation and reducing stress hormones. Physiologically, it enhances proprioception and kinesthetic awareness, reducing injury risk and improving physical performance. Emotionally, it fosters mindfulness and emotional resilience. Somatic yoga offers a holistic approach to wellness, promoting healing and well-being.

yoga for strength and mobility

Yoga for Strength and Mobility will help you create stability in your body and increase range of motion, while helping to decrease pain and risk of injury. This practice will begin with a grounding meditation and/or pranayama (breath work), followed by approx 20 mins of traditional postures. Next, we will focus on poses to strengthen specific muscles to help improve stability & functional joint mobility with a strong focus on muscle activation. Practice will end with 5-10 mins of supported savasana.

kids yoga

Our Kids Yoga classes are designed for children between the ages of 5 – 8 years old. This is an exciting and fun way to introduce yoga to our children and that is exactly how we think yoga should be for kids….. fun! Through games, adventures, stories, imagination and creativity, yoga and mindfulness are introduced and integrated. Yoga for kids provides learning tools for life, such as, belly breathing to calm the nervous system, practicing kindness and patience and so much more! This class is run as a series, throughout the fall/winter/spring months.

tween yoga

Yoga for Tweens has been designed for adolescents between the ages of 9 – 12 years. The transition from young child to tween (adolescent) often results in mixed emotions, uncertain moral standards, and heavy peer pressure.  Our tween classes are designed to help tweens find their sense of calm, build self awareness and acceptance, self esteem, self confidence, focus and balance (on and off their mats), and so much more!  If this sounds like something your tween(s) could benefit from, register for an upcoming session today! This class runs as a series, typically throughout the fall/winter/spring months.

you + me yoga

You + Me Yoga is the perfect opportunity for you and your child (child and guardian) to practice yoga and spend fun, quality time together! Join us in this warm and welcoming environment, where you can foster connection and strengthen your relationship in a healing, adventurous and powerful way. Experience playful partner poses + sequences and learn relaxation techniques that you can use anywhere. This class is for children ages 3 – 8 yrs, and an adult caregiver.  This class is run as a series, once or twice throughout the year.

prenatal yoga

Our Prenatal classes are designed to help expectant mothers release built up tension in both body and mind. Learn useful breathing techniques (pranayama) that will help reduce pregnancy related anxiety, help you focus during your delivery and bring a sense of calm into your life. Guided gentle movement and postures not only help you to find ease in your own body, they will gently massage your baby; creating an inner memory of calmness and relaxation that they will carry within them indefinitely. In this supportive and warm environment, we invite you connect to other moms, and further explore the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth. With your permission, these classes often end with a lavender foot, or brow massage that will heighten your experience of pure bliss.

core + restore

This invigorating class is built upon both Pilates and Yoga principles, with the intention of strengthening your abdominal, lower back and hip area. Strengthening your core will enhance your overall stability and balance. Throughout the practice, enjoy moments of deep stretching and restorative moments. These poses are designed to enhance muscle mobility and recovery. 

karma class

Karma means “to do,” action without any intention for reward. Sending out a non-­selfish intention in order to help others is what good karma is all about. We hold Karma classes every 3rd Thursday of the month @ 7 – 8:15 pm, (Hot Vinyasa Flow style class). 100 percent of all donations go towards a local family or organization in need. If you know of a local family or non profit organization who could use community love and support through a Karma class, please email us: [email protected]  A minimum donation of $10 is suggested. Drop ins, members, and class card holders are welcome.

restorative yoga

Restorative yoga provides us the opportunity to slow down and develop a greater sense of balance and health. In our fast paced society, many of us spend our time in a ‘fight, flight or freeze’ state (sympathetic nervous system). Too much time spent in this state leads to dis-ease. In restorative yoga, you will learn to arrive back in your body and into a state of ‘rest and digest’ (parasympathetic nervous system). With the use of the floor, wall, and props such as, bolsters, weight bags, blankets and blocks, you will begin the practice of surrendering into deep relaxation and restoration. Be prepared to shed tension and stress, quiet mental chatter and become unstuck. 

styles coming back soon

yoga for beginners

We understand that walking into a studio for the first time can feel intimidating. If you have been considering trying yoga, or getting back on your mat after a hiatus, this is the class for you.  Designed for beginners, this series will slowly guide you to reconnect, explore + honor your body’s needs and limitations while increasing balance, flexibility, stamina, focus + muscle tone.  Be prepared to feel lighter, looser + freed up in both body + mind. Together, we will hold + share space with no judgement, no competition + no comparison and invite inward acceptance, compassion + self care.  Our Yoga for Beginners is often scheduled as a series.  When this series is not offered, we recommend Gentle Hatha.

yoga ceremony

Yoga Ceremony is a harmonious flow-style class designed for practitioners of all levels, welcoming both beginners & experienced yogis. Each class revolves around a consistent sequence, emphasizing common poses & Sun salutations. This approach cultivates familiarity, aiding beginners in learning pose names & alignment while providing experienced practitioners with an opportunity to refine their posture. Ideal for those seeking a foundational practice to prepare for more advanced vinyasa and power practices.

restorative yoga & thai massage

There is nothing quite like the union of Thai Massage and Restorative Yoga.  This is a slow paced gentle class combining traditional and restorative yoga poses with the magic of Thai massage.  Come join us for a full hour of gentle stretching, relaxation and bliss.  This class is a whole being experience, and is another perfect compliment to your more active yoga practices/life. Our Restorative Yoga and Thai massage series runs as a series and limited space to ensure ample hands on healing for all.

yoga nidra

Allow yourself to restore, rest, heal, balance and create positive personal change with Yoga Nidra.  Gain insight into this ancient practice for imbalances such as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, insomnia etc.  Release tensions and impressions stored in layers (the Koshas) of the mind and body from negative core/self beliefs. Yoga Nidra is a meditative form of very deep relaxation that has a profound effect on the body, mind and emotions.  All you need to do is lay comfortably in savasana on your mat, and listen.  Whatever you experience, whether you are awake or asleep, your deepest layers will go through the journey, and as a result, you will benefit in so many ways!  Oh….  and a  45 minute Yoga Nidra practice is equal to 3-­4 hours of sleep!  This class is often run 1x/month in the fall/winter/spring seasons.

yin yoga

Yin yoga is a slow-paced floor practice, targeting deeper connective tissues in the body; lengthening, strengthening + stretching the fascia + ligaments, while inviting the muscles to relax. Postures are held for longer periods of time (usually 1 – 3 mins/up to 5), improving energy flow along the meridian pathways, reducing stress and anxiety, improving flexibility and joint mobility, and calming the mind for deep and quiet introspection.


This is a practice that will give you the best part of two yoga varieties. Where Hatha slows things down and encourages you to hold postures, stretch and take deep breathes; Vinyasa plays with flowing through postures in a sequence. We work to warm the body, flow, and cool down with nice holds. What an amazing way to deepen your practice and maybe even try poses you have not before. Modifications will be offered and as always reminders to connect with prana (the breath) and drink water throughout.  Suitable for all levels, including beginners, as well as those who have only practiced Hatha and would like a slow intro to Vinyasa.

lunch break yoga

Whether you are at the office or at home you can now join us virtually for this practice! For those who live or work within close proximity to the studio, perhaps you opt to join us in the studio, to take a break from your work space. This class is designed to recharge your energy to get you through the rest of the day. This is a combination class of Hatha, Vinyasa and Pranayama (breath work) to help you create space in both your body and mind; as well as a little “you got this’ boost to remind you that you are in fact, enough.


Meditation and mindfulness relaxes, restores and recharges our mind, body and spirit.  Our lives are filled with numerous stresses and stressors, ever growing mental health concerns and global pressures.  Meditation is the practice of being present, in the moment, being in “the here and now”. The physical and psychological benefits of meditation are endless, however, research emerging affirms the positive impacts for consistent practice on physical, mental and even on a cellular level.  Benefits reported include: reducing stress and anxiety, boosting your immune system, increasing emotional intelligence, improve learning capacity, practicing empathy, realizing your higher-self and reaching your full potential.  Practitioners of all experience levels will benefit from a guided class of various cues, visualizations, breathing styles and gentle movements.

yoga for the chakras | series

Join us for this exciting 8 week series that will leave you feeling more grounded, connected, freer and lighter in both mind and body! This series will help you grasp a deeper understanding of what the main 7 chakras are and provide you with some of the tools to help balance each chakra. Each week we will move through an all-levels yoga practice designed for one of the Chakras (from root to crown), followed by a guided meditation specific to that chakra. The final class will include a full chakra balancing yoga practice, and end with the healing practice of Yoga Nidra.

peace | love | yoga

Prepare yourself for 75 mins of self-love, healing + peace, from the comfort of your own home! Designed to help you shed unresolved emotion, anxiety + tension from mind, body + spirit, we will begin on our mats with asana (yoga poses) to help release stagnant energy. You will then take a reclined comfortable position on your mat (or in your very own bed) to prepare for a 30 – 45-minute guided yoga nidra practice, which will leave you feeling lighter + more at peace, within yourself + the world around you. *Option to turn your camera off during the nidra portion of this experience, for privacy.

yoga series: neck | shoulders | spine

Traditionally, yogis believe that a healthy spine is the path to a healthy life. In this series, we will focus on releasing tension in the neck, shoulders, and spine while strengthening the muscles that support our skeletal axis. While this class is designed for office workers and drivers in mind, every body will benefit from this series, from head to tail!

yoga 101 with hands on assists (in-studio only)

Yoga 101 for those yogis who are keen on finding the most healthy alignment in their asanas (poses). This class will be a Hatha/Yin combined class with gentle hands on assists (optional) to help for a deeper experience in both body and mind. This class is offered in-studio only with a capacity limit of 8.

yoga + meditation

Yoga + Meditation: Create a deeper mind | body connection through gentle yoga poses, breathing exercises, visualization and meditation. This blended class helps create opening in the body, relaxation + self discovery.  All levels are welcome; no experience necessary.  Drop ins, beginners, members and class card holders are welcome.


occasional specialty offerings

intro to vinyasa

This series of classes are designed for those who are looking for a little more core and flow, while still focusing on breathing and reducing tension.  In Vinyasa, we are still warming up and cooling down slowly, while learning to incorporate a more flowing with the breath.  This class will help to really warm up the muscles, and help to increase your cardio stamina, slowly!  This is the perfect class for beginners who are interested in exploring Vinyasa style yoga, for those who want a gentle flow, or for those who have been away from their mats, but would like to return at a gentler and slower pace. Over the 8 weeks, we will break down the Sun Salutation variations, while building strength in our core, major muscles and in our minds.  Spots are limited to 12; please preregister early, to avoid disappointment.  Our Intro to Vinyasa Flow for Beginners is run as a preregistered series; drop ins are welcome if space allows.

mindful flow

Similar to our ‘Gentle Vinyasa Flow’ class and ‘Intro to Vinyasa for Beginners’, the Mindful Flow is in a non heated room, with an increased focus on mindful movement; breaking down the poses and sun salutations. Learn tools on how to calm the mind and incorporate breath with movement, while strengthening, stretching, and relaxing your physical body.   This is a great class for beginners when our ‘Intro to Vinyasa for Beginners is not running (or the time does not coordinate with your personal schedule),  or for anyone simply wanting a more gentle flow.   Beginners, drop ins, members, and class card holders are welcome.

intermediate yoga

Be prepared to work hard and sweat in this creative and vigorous vinyasa practice.  Designed to be accessible for strong beginner students with variations that will challenge even the most advanced yogis, this class will be a full-spectrum, sweaty good time.  Learn the techniques and progressive stages to access even the most difficult poses in a straightforward and attainable way.  Classes begin with warm-up movements and breath awareness to prepare you for yoga postures.  The heart of each class is a sequence of postures that stretch, strengthen, and balance your body.  Each class ends with deep relaxation and meditation.  Our Intermediate Yoga runs occasionally, as a preregistered series; drop ins are welcome if space allows.

mom + baby yoga

Join us in experiencing the joy of practicing yoga with your baby.  In this class specifically designed for postnatal women, we will focus on calming the mind, releasing tension and toning the body.  Through gentle movements, breath work, stretching and strengthening, you will soon begin to feel stronger, more confident and a stronger connection between body + mind.  You and baby will both benefit from the bonding time together while connecting with other moms and babies in our community.  In this supportive environment, moms are free to tend to their babies needs.  This class is suitable for beginners, and/or for moms transitioning back into a gentler practice, and for babies who are not yet crawling.  Please note: babies are not used as props in our mom and baby sessions.

family yoga

Family yoga is a fun and entertaining class for the whole family, Moms, Dads (Guardians/Grandparents) and Kids!  Come explore yoga together!  Life can be a bit of a balancing act – family, work, fitness, down time… let us help you out by combining two things we love; Family & Yoga!  Appropriate for the whole family, while child centered and created for fun!  Classes will include yoga poses, exciting yoga stories, and lots of fun and games, while strengthening bonds between family members, as well as, building confidence, self-esteem, and strong healthy bodies!  Children and parents will also be guided through breathing and relaxation to help focus and feel grounded.   This class promises fun for the whole family.  All abilities and levels of experience welcome!  This class is perfect for young families with children 2 years old and up.

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