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Now offering Intentionally Themed Healing Circles, Gatherings, Full Day Retreats, and Custom Designed Small Private Groups and Yoga Class Series, in the sacred space of an authentic Mongolian Yurt.

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Guests are encouraged to bring their own journals, writing utensils, yoga mats, blankets, and comfortable clothing to fully relax and enjoy the experience.

Space is limited; register early to secure your spot!


hot yoga
Embark on an 8-week yoga journey in the serene embrace of an authentic Mongolian yurt, nestled on the edge of a tranquil forest and babbling creek. This unique hot yoga series, enveloped in the warmth of a wood stove, invites participants of all levels, including beginners, to discover the ancient practice in an immersive setting. Commencing with gentle and traditional posture,s s the sessions gradually transition into an adaptable gentle flow. As the weeks unfold, participants have the option to embrace more challenges, fostering both physical and spiritual growth amid the soothing ambiance of nature. No previous experience necessary.

8 week Series
Current Series: Friday April 12th – May 31st
Next Series: Friday June 7th – August 9th*
*no classes on June 21st or July 5th
10:30 – 11:30 am
$202/series | $28/drop in
Book Series

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surrender + soften | an evening retreat with restorative yoga + thai massage

Discover Surrender + Soften in an authentic Mongolian yurt—a 3-hour retreat combining meditation, restorative yoga, Thai massage, and a savasana sound bath. Enter a serene world, where traditional craftsmanship meets cozy comfort. Begin with guided meditation, reflection and an intuitive oracle card pull. Then indulge in healing yoga and Thai massage. Finally, relax deeply during a savasana sound bath. Surrender to the moment and soften into profound renewal within this tranquil yurt sanctuary.

Friday May 10th
6:30 – 9:30 pm
$108/HST incl
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mother’s day renewal  | for mind + body + soul
Mothers Day Renewal is a one-day retreat designed for moms to celebrate themselves. Join us for a day of relaxation, rejuvenation, and reflection in a beautiful yurt surrounded by nature. Our experienced instructors will guide you through yoga, meditation, pranayama, a nature hike, a crystal bowl sound bath, and Reiki. Connect with your inner wisdom and leave feeling refreshed and revitalized. Give a mom or yourself the gift of self-care and renewal this Mother’s Day! Lunch is included. Space is limited to 7.

Saturday May 11th
10 am –  5 pm
$225 /HST included
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full flower moon | an evening with: somatic yoga | yoga nidra | sound bath

Step into the serene embrace of a traditional Mongolian yurt, where the ancient art of somatic yoga awaits beneath the luminous glow of the full flower moon. As you settle onto your mat, the gentle guidance of the instructor leads you through a series of fluid movements, inviting you to connect deeply with your body and breath. Following the somatic yoga session, you are guided into the practice of yoga nidra, a form of guided meditation that induces a state of deep relaxation and conscious awareness. As you recline comfortably, the instructor’s voice gently leads you through a journey of self-discovery and renewal, inviting you to release all tension and surrender to the present moment. To conclude this magical experience, you will be immersed in the soothing tones of crystal bowl sound therapy. The resonance of the bowls fills the space, washing over you in waves of harmonic vibration. As the sound bath deepens, your consciousness expands, allowing for a profound sense of inner peace and tranquility.

Friday May 23th
6:30 – 8:30 pm
$65/HST included
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full moon circle | an evening retreat with restorative yoga + reiki
Join us in the Yurt! Soothe both body + mind with Restorative Yoga, Reiki, Sound Bath + Circle. Supported by a variety of props in each longer held pose, your physical body will begin to surrender while our 2 Certified Reiki Practitioners treat you to Reiki. This combination will allow all layers of your being settle into a state of deep healing and relaxation. Class will include a Full Moon Ritual + Sound Bath. Space limited to 7. CLICK HERE for a fuller description.

Friday May 24th
6:30 – 9:30 pm
$99/HST included
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