teacher trainee testimonials

what some of our past grads have to say…


I thought about taking YTT for years but just hadn’t found the right place with the right schedule. When I reached out to The Yoga Loft to inquire, I was immediately invited to have a chat with the owner so I could decide if this teacher training was the right fit. I hung up after that call feeling like I had found a supportive, inviting environment to start my teacher training and I couldn’t wait to get started. Joey has created something beautiful here for her students; a safe place to learn and share without judgement, strong supportive mentors and a journey of self discovery. Not only did I learn everything I was hoping to learn from a technical standpoint, I have pushed myself further than I thought possible. So beyond grateful to Joey, Carrie and The Yoga Loft for this unforgettable experience.


Alexis Trunks
2021 Satya Graduate

“I was approached to join the 2020/2021 200-hr YTT at the yoga loft. I was hesitant because at the time I never thought I would/could be a yoga teacher. Joey then enlightened me that a lot of the students join for themselves, for their own personal practice. So I did it! I signed up and let me tell all of you who are reading this right now and questioning whether it is worth it…IT IS! Over the course of ten months my spiritual growth deepened. It was more than I ever could have imagined.

Joey and Carrie were AMAZING! Our weekends were full of laughs, tears and connection! And guess what? I actually want to share my yoga knowledge with others!

I would recommend Joey/Satya YTT to anyone! She is a very humble and beautiful soul who has a lot of light to share.”

“It’s important to remember we all have magic inside us” -J.K Rowling

Katrina Corner
2021 Satya Graduate

“I recently completed YTT-200 at the Yoga Loft and I cannot say enough good things. It was the best thing ever! An absolutely magical experience and I loved every minute of it.  I initially enrolled in the training to deepen my own physical practice, but I ended up with so much more than that.  Aside from learning the physical aspects of yoga,  I learned so much about myself and made connections with a group of amazing people.

Joey and Carrie are extraordinary teachers.  They have so much knowledge, warmth and authenticity and were incredible to work with.  A huge thank you to you both for guiding me along this journey.  

I recommend this training to anyone and everyone! It’s never too late to learn and grow. YTT weekends were the highlight of the month and I wish they could go on forever!”

Christine Sim
2021 Satya YTT Graduate

I loved everything about the course – the location, the course material, the other students and especially the teachers. Coming from a thirty year career in teaching high school students biology, I feel I am qualified to comment on the teaching style – Joey was very organized and always prepared for her lessons – her material was well laid out and very easy to follow with many integrated activities and hands-on learning experiences offered to facilitate her lessons. Even though Joey was well organized she was still capable of going with the flow. If she noticed that we had a special interest in a topic she was always more than happy to accommodate that interest and was always flexible. Joey has many years of experience and was more than capable of answering all of our questions. We were provided with many opportunities to practice teach and we were always given constructive feedback from both Joey and Carrie. Carrie taught the weekend concerning the internal systems of our body and she did an amazing job at simplifying the many complex issues. It was fun and exhilarating to watch all of us emerge into yoga teachers and this was all attributable to the excellent guidance and instruction given by both Joey and Carrie. On a more personal level, both teachers were always approachable and always kind and caring and sincere. I am a retired teacher and had concerns about being too old to pursue this but after fifteen minutes on the first evening all of my butterflies subsided. This course ran for ten months and I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it and was extremely sad when it came to an end. If you are considering taking your YTT 200 I strongly recommend the program at the Yoga Loft! Joey and Carrie rock!

Heidi Temple
2020 Satya YTT Graduate

I applied for my 200-hour teacher training with Joey at the Yoga Loft after she came highly recommended by a friend. Joey is real, genuine, and compassionate. I took the training with the intention of increasing the frequency that I practiced, but I received so much more. I made lasting connections with wonderful like-minded people, I learned the proper alignments for poses, I learned human anatomy and the benefits of poses, but more importantly, I learned how to be truly authentic and the value of this authenticity and how to transfer these skills to my everyday life off of my mat.

Joey and Carrie make an amazing team whom I admire for their authenticity, adaptability and their dedication to continue our course the best they could during the pandemic. They managed to organize classes to keep our spirits up, maintain our connection and meet our scheduled graduation day without us feeling like we missed out.

I plan to continue my yoga/teacher training journey with Joey and Carrie and I will highly recommend the Yoga Loft for classes, workshops and teacher training as their team has created a safe space for deep connections and personal growth.”

Amy Evans
2020 Satya YTT Graduate

“RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Loft was more than I could’ve imagined.

I originally took the training to deepen my practice with a potential to eventually share my learnings with others. I came out with so much more. In addition to the deeper knowledge of yoga asanas, I have learned things that I will carry through in all aspects of my life.

The Yoga Lofts offering of this training through weekend classes, was easily incorporated into a busy life with a corporate job and family obligations. Our small group of seven made for a more personal instruction and I really had the opportunity to connect with each person, which was so important throughout this process.

The Yoga Loft felt like a second home during my training, warm and inviting. I couldn’t have asked for a better space to practice and learn in and the training led by Joey and Carrie was well organized and I always felt supported.

The transition going to online learning, due to Covid-19, was flawless and still nothing changed in how everyone connected, shared and taught.

I can’t wait to take additional courses and classes through the Yoga Loft when they become available!”

Melissa Maglaris
2020 Satya YTT Graduate

“My experience with completing the Yoga Loft’s teacher training was exceptional. It was everything I imagined and more. Joey is such a kind soul who is very empowering, patient and empathetic. She makes everyone feel validated, worthy and accepted. Regardless of your age, flexibility or yoga experience.

The course is very structured, organized and full of ahhha moments. You get lots of course materials, practical experience and exceptional resources. You also make deep connections with your classmates.

I feel very confident in being able to teach yoga after completing the program. In terms of safety as well as technical aspects.

I had no idea how deep and thought provoking the course would take my personal growth and understanding of the layers to yoga.

It has significantly made me change my outlook on life, understanding of the person I want to become and challenged the various layers of the self. It is hard to explain in words. But this course is so much more than teaching a “fitness yoga class.” It fosters the growth of the true meaning of yoga within.”

Atheana Brown
2020 Graduate of Satya YTT

“The Yoga Loft Satya Teacher Training was a wonderful experience.  Joey carefully laid out a thoughtful curriculum that allowed us to grow as students throughout our 10 month training.  The scheduling of the training allowed for reflection and homework assignments in between sessions, allowing the material to really sink in and allowing us to grow throughout the process.  There were many teaching practicums in the course which allowed students to graduate with the confidence to go out into the community and teach.  Joey is a wonderful teacher, full of knowledge and personal experiences which she shared with the group.  Her passion for both yoga and the Sangha she created during our training is admirable.  I would happily recommend this training to anyone who is feeling the pull to either teach yoga or simply to deepen their yoga knowledge and practice.”

C.M. RYT-200
2018 Graduate of Satya YTT

“I enjoyed my training. I learned a lot and the pace was perfect. Joey is a kind, wonderful and knowledgeable teacher!”

S.W. RYT-200
2019 Graduate of Satya YTT

“This was not only an amazing learning experience in regards to yoga teacher training but it also provided me with an incredible life experience and many new skills and tools to further achieve my goals. The program was detailed, clear concise and a pleasure to be a part of. The teacher of this training studio was very knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, passionate, organized and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend this yoga teacher training to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in yoga teacher training or would simply wish to learn the concepts and history behind yoga for their own personal practice and growth”.

K.S. RYT-200
2018 Graduate of Satya YTT

“What a wonderful experience it was to be a part of Satya YTT! I learned so much, not only about what yoga really means and how to teach, but about myself and my own yoga practice. I felt the syllabus was followed but not in generic terms which made the experience so much more fruitful.  

I would highly recommend The Yoga Loft Satya YTT. Joey and Carrie, both, fostered growth in knowledge and in personal growth of all the students. What a wonderful experience in my journey in this life and becoming a yoga teacher. Thank you Joey, and thank you Carrie! As well the other yoga teachers at The Yoga Loft who all in some way assisted in my journey and I’m sure others in my class.”

M.J.G. RYT-200
2019 Graduate of Satya YTT