policies + procedures



Please preregister for all classes online.  Space is limited to ensure a 6ft radius between each participant and will be scooped up on a first come, first serve basis.

Bring along a full water bottle, your own yoga mat and any props you would like to have.



Please wear your mask upon entering the building.   We will greet you at our studio office door to ensure a staggered entry.  If/when waiting in the hallway, please maintain a physical distance of 2 meters and we will be with you momentarily.

Upon entering our space, please hang your outerwear, remove your shoes and wash or sanitize your hands (sanitizer provided). 

Maintain a physical distance of 6 ft at all times.

Bring any items you have with you into the practice room.  Please make sure your cell phone is turned off (including vibration).



You can place your personal items in one of the cubbies provided.

Place your mat on one of the marked spots and settle onto your mat in a comfortable position.  Once you are on your mat, you can remove your mask, and keep it off for the duration of class.

Please practice silence in the practice room, prior to class start.

Teachers will remain in their own bubble for the duration of class.  Classes will be hands free (no hands on adjustments or assists).



Place your mask back on and roll up your mat.

Please wait in your bubble to be directed for a prompt and staggered exit, gathering your items from the cubby on your way out; those near the door will exit first.



To help ensure the safety of all, classes will be limited to a reduced schedule, and spaced out so that there is ample time to thoroughly clean and sanitize the space.

No HOT classes until further notice.  Furnace and fans will remain off, while practice room doors, and back door will be open for better quality air exchange.


** if you are not comfortable returning to the studio, if wearing a mask is detrimental to your health, or you choose not to wear one for other reasons, please refrain from joining our in-studio classes; instead, please join us for our offerings of virtual and/or outdoor yoga

**in the spirit of community, if you would like to stay and chat with your teacher and/or other community members, please consider walking down to the old mill park to social distance outdoors; this will help prevent congestion in the space/building, to help ensure the safety of all – thank you