Life is busy and many of us are spreading ourselves thin. In North America, most of our Dr’s visits are mental health related.  We are maxed out and it is affecting our overall health.   In order to strive for balance in our lives, and continue to fulfill our responsibilities in a mindful and loving way, it is essential to practice self care.  Gain insight into this ancient practice for imbalances such as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, PTSD, insomnia etc.  Release  tensions & impressions stored in all of your layers (the Koshas) of the mind and body from negative core/self beliefs. Yoga Nidra is a meditative form of very deep relaxation that has a profound effect on the body, mind & emotions.  All you need to do is lay comfortably in savasana on your mat & listen.  Whatever you experience, whether you are awake or asleep, your deepest layers will go through the journey, & as a result, you will benefit in so many ways.  If you’ve been feeling a bit sleep deprived, you will be happy to know, one 45 minute Yoga Nidra practice is equal to 3­-4 hours of sleep!


Dates:   TBD
Time:   8:30 – 9:30 pm 
Investment:   $20/class or $18/membership holders
HST included


*Preregistration is required as space is limited; register early to avoid disappointment
*Class cards/auto renew classes cannot be used





  • Yoga Nidra can be used to change the nature of mind in a positive way
  • Full relaxation of the nervous system
  • Restored emotional balance
~ Relaxes the muscle system
  • Releases unwanted tension and habits
Improves mental and physical performance
Provides total rejuvenation after just a 45 minute practice
Improves efficiency of endocrine, circulatory and respiratory systems
  • Improves mental focus and mental clarity; learning and concentration
Effective in curing anxiety disorders including depression, anxiety, ulcers and insomnia


Joey Henderson is trained in Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, Jennifer Reis, RYT and senior Kripalu yoga teacher