“The Yoga Loft Satya Teacher Training was a wonderful experience.  Joey carefully laid out a thoughtful curriculum that allowed us to grow as students throughout our 10 month training.  The scheduling of the training allowed for reflection and homework assignments in between sessions, allowing the material to really sink in and allowing us to grow throughout the process.  There were many teaching practicums in the course which allowed students to graduate with the confidence to go out into the community and teach.  Joey is a wonderful teacher, full of knowledge and personal experiences which she shared with the group.  Her passion for both yoga and the Sangha she created during our training is admirable.  I would happily recommend this training to anyone who is feeling the pull to either teach yoga or simply to deepen their yoga knowledge and practice.”

C.M. RYT-200
2018 Graduate of Satya YTT


“This was not only an amazing learning experience in regards to yoga teacher training but it also provided me with an incredible life experience and many new skills and tools to further achieve my goals. The program was detailed, clear concise and a pleasure to be a part of. The teacher of this training studio was very knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, passionate, organized and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend this yoga teacher training to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in yoga teacher training or would simply wish to learn the concepts and history behind yoga for their own personal practice and growth”.

K.S. RYT-200
2018 Graduate of Satya YTT


“I enjoyed my training. I learned a lot and the pace was perfect. Joey is a kind, wonderful and knowledgeable teacher!”

S.W. RYT-200
2019 Graduate of Satya YTT


“What a wonderful experience it was to be a part of Satya YTT! I learned so much, not only about what yoga really means and how to teach, but about myself and my own yoga practice. I felt the syllabus was followed but not in generic terms which made the experience so much more fruitful.  

I would highly recommend The Yoga Loft Satya YTT. Joey and Carrie, both, fostered growth in knowledge and in personal growth of all the students. What a wonderful experience in my journey in this life and becoming a yoga teacher. Thank you Joey, and thank you Carrie! As well the other yoga teachers at The Yoga Loft who all in some way assisted in my journey and I’m sure others in my class.”

M.J.G. RYT-200
2019 Graduate of Satya YTT