KARMA YOGA for Lisa Stiner

Karma Class Lisa Stiner

It is estimated 1 in 16 Canadian women will develop colorectal cancer, according to the Canadian Cancer Society. The fight against cancer continues daily. There is not one person who can say they don’t know someone who has battled or been affected this terrible disease.

Lisa Stiner whom has been a resident of Lindsay for 30 years, worked at Ontario Early years for 23 years & has been employed at Armada Tool Works Ltd for the past 3 years. Lisa diagnosed with colon cancer on October 12, 2018. When the doctor delivered the life changing news, Lisa was told that she probably has had cancer for a couple years and is considered young to have that type of cancer. Surgery took place November 5, 2018 and chemo started December 21st, just in time for Christmas. Lisa has only finished a quarter of her chemo treatments, a long way to go still. A stressful time, thankfully family and friends always check in to make sure she’s doing as well as can be expected.

When diagnosed with cancer, some may not realize how drastic a persons life instantly changes. A person stops working, normalcy becomes unknown. Systemic therapy (chemotherapy) is the new norm and brutal to the human body. Side effects can be neuropathy, nausea, hair loss, and exhaustion to name a few. Expenses become a worrisome as your travelling out of town to the cancer clinic twice a week, every other week. Drugs are not always covered through benefits, and other expenses too long to list.

Join us in spreading good Karma through community support & Yoga on Thursday February 21st @ 8 – 9:15pm! This will be a Hot Vinyasa Flow Class; no experience necessary, just come on out & show your support!