The Yoga Loft offers corporate yoga packages for your group of 15* or more.

All of your tension, both physical and mental is stored in somewhere in your body which ultimately can lead to chronic pain and/or illness if it is not released. Yoga awakens your body’s intelligence to remove stress and tension at the source.  It will also help you to improve your posture for prevention or reduction of aches and pains, learn breathing techniques to calm the mind/body, and gain strength for greater resistance to stress.   Everyone benefits from Yoga!

Some other Benefits of Yoga include:


Energy levels, productivity, performance
Alertness, responsiveness
Memory, Focus, Concentration
Flexibility, physical strength
Immune system
Overall optimal health


Muscle tension
Aches and pains
Negative outlook and/or depression

Please note: Whether you practice 1x per week or everyday, a consistent yoga practice is extremely important in order to experience ultimate results.




10 Class Pass  

$135 (Reg $150)                – 10% off reg. price
(one full payment required)


3 Months Unlimited Yoga

$267 (Reg $297)               – 10% off reg. price
(one full payment required)

6 Months Unlimited Yoga

$505 (Reg $594)               – 15% off reg. price
(one full payment or 2 payments of $252.50)

12 Months Unlimited Yoga

$840                                  – 20% off reg. price
(one full time payment or 4 payments of $210)


Proof of employment is required.  Acceptable proof of employment includes:

*Photocopy of employee I.D.
*Pay Stub

 *If you have a group smaller than 15 looking for corporate rates, please email us for a quote:

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